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Maria Ozheredova

Google Ads Specialist

Imagine that you have already solved the following
business problems:

1) The need for more clients

We will analyze your advertising strategy and offer you specific solution, for example:

  • Google Ads campaigns setup and monthly maintenance
  • Website improvement and SEO promotion
  • Social media advertising, YouTube video ads
  • Google Map marker placement
  • Creating the strong Offer and the Sales Funnel

2) Leaking of the budget

We will help you to find holes in your budget. And we could efficiently manage your campaigns to maximize your profit

  • Check is your advertisement showing to your target clientery?
  • We will find where you can streamline your budget
  • We can check your client targeting settings
  • Monitoring of the Search Terms can reduce unnecessary hits that cost you money
  • We make relative adjustments to maximize efficiency of your online presence

3) The need for a responsible professional person in advertising

24/5 support and monitoring your advertising

  • I make myself available for you to ask questions or discuss your results
  • I take the time to learn about your business and your market
  • Reach your best leads at the moment they're searching for your products or services
  • Selecting the most profitable keywords
  • Personal attention with the care like for my own Business

Are you ready
to get the most out of Google Ads?

Imagine seeing growth in your business month after month. This is what we do for our clients.

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      What is your field of activity?

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      Profit excluding advertising budget costs

      Advertising budget:

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      For calculations, the average Price / per click for a Niche is taken.

      It may differ in your area.

      The formula is based on Site Conversion 10% and Manager Conversion

      25% (they may differ in your business).

      Get an individual calculation is free

      based on your business performance

      How we are working

      We define the goals

      • Selecting the tools
      • We approve the budget

      we use the professional contract for your safety

      Generate the relevant calls and leads to your business

      • Campaigns optimization
      • We reduce the cost and Maximize Revenue

      Customer Reviews

      All results are individual and depend on the type of business.
      DO NOT waste your time to set up Google Ads by yourself with uncertain result -
      entrust to handle all the aspects of your campaigns to professional!

      This is how
      your ad may look like

      Our Team

      Maria Ozheredova

      Certified Google Ads specialist

      From the 2013 I help my clients to build profitable Google Ads campaigns. Record low Lead cost: $ 0.28 . It became possible through expanding the number of the keywords and launching different kinds of campaigns.

      Sergey Popov


      Since 2009, the development of the web sites and plugins on WordPress. Experience with OpenCart, ModX, Monstra. Technical SEO optimization.

      Irina Popova

      SEO, Designer

      Internal and external optimization of the web sites and landing pages. Promotion in search engines, position tracking. Design in the Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Figma, Sony Vegas Pro (video), SketchUp.

      Boost your Google presence to the top

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      Get the report of the working campaigns monthly

      We are in touch with you 24/5 to monitoring your progress

      We can take only 8 projects per month. there are
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      Feel free to contact us and don’t hesitate to ask questions about improving your business